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We are pioneers in People Counting & In-Store Analytics, providing our clients with accurate data and KPIs for actionable business insights. We help businesses increase their marketing results, streamline operations and facilities management by understanding their customers' behaviors.

Vemcount Analytics solution

It is all about collecting
& analyzing data

Data can give you the power to drive business and improve efficiency, and this is why we created Vemcount: to provide a complete analytics solution.

Since 2005, we've been continuously developing Vemcount, a centralized system where our clients can find all the features they need. Thus, Vemcount shows the data collected from the sensors in real-time on laptops, tablets, or phones. 

Vemcount is configurable, device-independentand available as a hosted or private cloud-based solution to work seamlessly with existing ERP and BI systems.

Vemcount software analytics

We help our clients to make fact-based decisions that improve profitability

With more than 15 years of experience, we understand that the different industries continually experience changes that affect consumer behavior and business procedures. 

To strengthen our clients in forming an accurate and data-driven understanding of their customers, we provide them access to various analytical tools and insights.

Covid-19 Solutions

We have developed and adapted special Vemcount features to help businesses to adapt to the new COVID-19 restrictions.

Get the best data insights with Vemcount features

Keep track of every time a person enters and exits your space in real-time and how traffic converts into sales.
Find out how many customers are at your place at any given moment. Receive alerts if you reach the limit of your guests.
Vemco Group supports businesses to respond to Covid-19 new regulations by operating more safely and efficiently with our tools.
Our sensors track visitors' journey and dwell time where they are stationary. Vemcount uses the dwell time to calculate the queue lengths.
Use Vemcount insights to predict demand and make more strategic decisions over pricing to maximize revenue.
Accurate real-time insights provide you with a well-built database to offer an outstanding office experience.
No more cars driving around searching for a free spot. Show the drivers, from the entrance, exactly where to park.
Your definitive tool to access quantitative insights about the number of visitors, traffic flows, and pedestrian area usage.
People sensor counting tracker

With Vemcount, your business becomes smarter about everything from customer flow to service conditions

Vemco Group collaborates with suppliers of the most valid sensors on the market within people counting, customer flow measurement, and in-store analyses.

We cover areas of any size, can exclude irrelevant factors from counts, and even under challenging conditions, we record the number of people with up to 98% accuracy.

Our expertise. Your accuracy

We collect multiple data sets from various sources to measure real performance.
We turn data into insights about traffic flows, customer behavior, and conversion rates.
We enable businesses to form an accurate and data-driven understanding of their customers.
We consult about how to benefit from the insights on an operation and strategic level.
Vemcount data insights for human counting and tracking

With Vemcount, your business gets access to actionable key figures on customer behavior

Vemcount is an advanced but user-friendly retail analytics tool that gives your business access to actionable analytics and key figures.

With in-depth insight into physical customer behavior and customer flow, Vemcount creates a basis for making fact-based decisions.

We have a close dialogue with our customers about our system's development, ensuring that our clients can optimize their business.

Digital marketing strategy though retail analytics

More than 1.000 satisfied clients globally

Since the beginning, we have helped more than 1.000 businesses & brands to make fact-based decisions based on customer data from people counters.

We are committed to our customers and value long-term relationships.

Trusted by the best brands

Discover our success stories

Over the years, we’ve tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we’ve found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores (…).

Henrik Wieben Country Manager, Denmark
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Public transportation optimize

With an increased emphasis on the economic, environmental and social benefits of multi-modal traffic networks, traffic counting technology has progressed significantly over the years to provide deeper insight into existing and projected traffic volumes for improved traffic flows and roadway designs.

Facilities management

When installing real-time occupancy counting devices in strategic areas, you will know how many people are in an area at any given time.

Vemcount people counting analytics dashboard compatible with all devices

Footfall analytics is used to drive business optimization and customer experience strategies in a variety of places with high people traffic.