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As a European leader within people counting and data analytics, we dedicate ourselves to identifying our clients' challenges quickly and continuously innovating our solutions. High-tech sensors collect traffic flow information, and Vemcount transforms it into customers' behavior insights.

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Your success builds our story

Vemco Group is an innovative software company founded in 2005. Our headquarters is in Fredericia, Denmark. We are represented globally with offices in Dubai, UAE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Moscow, Russia, and Switzerland. We cover 85 countries and count on more than 185 licensed resellers worldwide.

Our international network provides us with the global experience and local expertise necessary to help our customers establish and maintain accurate and reliable people counting and retail analytics solutions.

We always strive to be relevant to our clients and their business.

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We are pioneers in footfall and retail analytics and have provided our clients with insights about customer behavior since our analytics solution, Vemcount, was created. In close dialogue with our partners and customers, we continuously evolve Vemcount to meet every expectation and need.

Vemcount is configurable, device-independent, and available as a hosted or private cloud-based solution to work seamlessly with existing ERP- and BI-systems.

We provide the most reliable sensors on the market with a minimum of 98% accuracy.
Our unique analytics platform provides our client an overview of visitor traffic, traffic patterns, and business performance.
We provide valuable reporting, which maps and validates the available data insights.

"Our mission is to help our clients make fact-based decisions that improve profitability."

Anel Turkanovic, CEO

Our values

Our Values

✓ Innovation: Technology is in our DNA.

✓ Listener: We care; you matter. 

✓ Reliability: We are trustworthy.

✓ Quality: We want the ‘wow effect.’

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How we help

With more than 15 years of experience, we understand that the retail industry is continually experiencing changes that affect consumer behavior and business procedures

To strengthen our clients in forming an accurate and data-driven understanding of their customers, we provide them access to various analytical tools and insights. 

We are experts in footfall and retail analytics and have provided our clients' insights into customers' behavior.

Vemco Group history at a glance

We make Vemco Group better every day

Anel Turkanovic Anel Turkanovic

Anel Turkanovic

CEO & Business Development
Danijel Kralj Danijel Kralj

Danijel Kralj

CIO & Partner
Torben A. Sørensen Torben A. Sørensen

Torben A. Sørensen

David K. Sloth David K. Sloth

David K. Sloth

Sales Director
Gabriela Nascimento Gabriela Nascimento

Gabriela Nascimento

Global Communications Manager
Daniel Bøllingtoft Daniel Bøllingtoft

Daniel Bøllingtoft

Digital Marketing Manager
Henrik B. Hansen Henrik B. Hansen

Henrik B. Hansen

Lead Developer & Partner
Martin K. Jensby Martin K. Jensby

Martin K. Jensby

System Developer
Mikkel Pedersen Mikkel Pedersen

Mikkel Pedersen

System Developer
Trine Poulsen Trine Poulsen

Trine Poulsen

Lars Kjær Lars Kjær

Lars Kjær

IT Support
Emil E. H. Andersen Emil E. H. Andersen

Emil E. H. Andersen

IT Support
Celine Bech Celine Bech

Celine Bech

Customer Success Manager
Rafael Alcantara

Rafael Alcantara

Business Development Brasil & Partner
Aline Jordana

Aline Jordana

Marketing Manager
Alexandre Pereira

Alexandre Pereira

Project Analyst
Priscila Rodrigues

Priscila Rodrigues

Sales Assistant
Douglas William

Douglas William

Support Analyst
Breno Moura

Breno Moura

Support Trainee
Aqueel Ahmed

Aqueel Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer
Robert Woodyard

Robert Woodyard

Business Development Manager
Azeem Uddin

Azeem Uddin

Customer Success Manager
Kristina Djuric

Kristina Djuric

Account Manager
Mohammed Taher

Mohammed Taher

Customer Success Manager
Mohammed Shoeb

Mohammed Shoeb

Infrastructure and Sensor Technician
Nenad Sucur

Nenad Sucur

Country Manager Switzerland
Dmitry Korolev

Dmitry Korolev

Country Manager Russia

Over the years, we’ve tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we’ve found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores...

Janni Baslund Dam - Mall Manager
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