Real-time counting

Keep track of the number of visitors at any time. Find out how many visitors you have at the store right now, with realtime counting you will get an alert when your visitation limit is almost reached.

More than people counting

Do you want to see how many people visit your store, facility, place of residence, etc.? Not only at the end of the day, but at the moment as well?

The solution is real-time counting. Vemco Group offers real-time counts so you can keep track of the number of visitors and that these do not exceed the predetermined limit.

We help you monitor performance and generate real-time alerts to ensure that the number of visitors does not exceed the safety precautions

Realtime counting
Keep track of the number of visitors and get an alert, when the limit is almost reached
Queue length
Get an alert when the length of the queue hits a predetermined limit
Create zones at exhibitions, activities, etc. and measure the performance of each
Get real-time information about availability of the premises