VemPark: Parking Management

Our high-precision sensors are combined with IoT to capture with efficiency the flow of vehicles in any Parking lot, so VemPark can indicate to the drivers where exactly to park. We offer the best types of equipment for shopping malls, department stores, airports, supermarkets, museums, among other grounds.

No more cars driving around searching for a free spot. Show the drivers, from the entrance, exactly where to park

No more cars driving around searching for a free spot. Show the drivers, from the entrance, exactly where to park

Install our embedded wireless sensors into the ground at the parking spots, connect them into Vemcount and position a screen at the entrance.

Now, wait for VemPark to do the work! It will guide cars from the entrance right into the lot, guiding the drivers to the precise available spot. No more driving around, searching for free spaces or the green and red lights!


VemPark is an IoT-based Smart Parking System

VemPark implies an IoT-based system that sends data about free and occupied parking places via our Vemcount Software. The IoT device, including sensors and microcontrollers, is located in each parking place.

The drivers receive a live update about the availability of spots through the monitor installed at the parking lot entrance, and then they will be guided to the best one, saving time and headache!


Use VemPark System for Advertising

When you use VemPark, you optimize the yield and the availability of the parking capacity. In addition, it assists drivers in finding vacant parking spaces using appropriate signage.

The most significant benefit of the VemPark System is that you can use the signage in combination with advertisements. All screens used to guide the drivers will also display commercials. You will have a quick return on investment and soon profit from that.

VemPark outcomes:

▶︎ Less traffic congestion.

▶︎ Reduced air emissions.

▶︎ Reduced parking management costs.

▶︎ Reduced time to find a spot.

▶︎ Faster return on investment.

Traffic Flow Optimization
Reduce traffic due to a much more efficient and easier approach to locate a parking space.
Parking Capacity Optimiaztion
By identifying the parking spaces precisely, you can easily control and manage them.
Better Customer Service
When drivers can easily find a parking space, the stress time shifts to happier time!
Strategic Planning
Make informed decisions based on data analytics for more proactive parking management.
Reduction in Air Emission
Reduce CO2 emissions due to reduced traffic congestion and optimized traffic flow.
Safeguard Minorities Groups
Safeguards special parking places through automated vehicle identification.

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smart parking IoT

Smart parking describes an IoT solution that uses embedded wireless sensors. When used in combination with software, this approach helps inform drivers of vacant parking spaces in the area. In this case, sensors can detect whenever someone parks a vehicle in a specific space or not.

Public transportation optimize

With an increased emphasis on the economic, environmental and social benefits of multi-modal traffic networks, traffic counting technology has progressed significantly over the years to provide deeper insight into existing and projected traffic volumes for improved traffic flows and roadway designs.

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Challenging the traditional extended lease models and large transaction-based flagship stores that shopping malls rely on for income, pop-up stores are becoming more and more popular with landlords, retailers, and customers alike.

Our data shows that the most critical time in relation to distance is the moment where customers pick up groceries from the basket and put them on the conveyer belt.

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