Advanced People Counting Tracking

High-precision sensors were designed to count, with maximum efficiency, people's traffic flow in any public environment. Vemcount's metrics offer a data-driven understanding of your visitors' behavior, areas' performance with our heat maps tool, and significant retail data analytics.

People counting system in vemcount analytics dashboard

Get all the answers you need with People Counting

With the combination of technological advancement and the way we use data, we capture more than a simple person count.

Keep track of every time a person enters and exits your space in real-time and how traffic converts into sales.

We offer the best equipment for Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Airports, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Museums, Libraries, Municipalities, Universities, among others.


Our highlights:

▶︎ Control your sales conversion in real-time.

▶︎ Detect time spent in-line and at shop windows.

▶︎ Analyze hot and cold area mapping.

▶︎ Analyze the performance of your campaigns.

▶︎ Evaluate consumer behavior.

▶︎ Receive notifications by SMS, Emails, Displays, Webhooks, and Whatsapp.

Rethink People Flow

Is it a person?
Is it a costumer?
Is it a woman?
Are they wearing facial mask?
Where are they going?
Are they waiting in the queue?
For how long they stay?
Is there enough staff per area?
Is there any dead zone?
People counter escalators

Find out how sales correlate with footfall data

Historically people counting was used to count the number of people entering an area. While helpful, this information was limited.

Today many companies depend on big data and deep insights to drive accuracy when understanding, making decisions and strategizing.

Data can give you the power to drive business and improve efficiency, and this is what we are here for, to provide a complete solution.

Data collect
The traffic inside and outside stores is measured and compiled with multiple data sources to provide valuable and accurate information on all aspects of the business.
Retail Analysis
Vemcount integrates data into external ERP-, BI- and POS-systems or into dashboards configured in the cloud to provide real-time performance information.
View KPIs
It is possible to work with different data formats. Analysts and managers can quickly and realistically evaluate KPIs' so all decisions are assertive and secure.
Identify customers height

Confirm the identity of your customers

Who enters through the door? Gender recognition technology provides a solution that collects credible statistics about your customers. Profile your customers to target them better.

An understanding of the demographic composition of your customers is crucial to achieving success in any business.

With height filtration, we can eliminate or separate children/adults in the counts. From gender recognition technology, you can profile your customers even better and target your marketing with tremendous success.

Understand Traffic
Find out how many people visit your store and compare it with the percentage of passersby. Identify peak times during a day, dwell time in specific zones, and the waiting time spent in queues. With Footfall Tracking, you get a data-based foundation of decision-making within sales, marketing, and staff management.
Weather Impact
Compare historical weather data with traffic and sales data to form an accurate and data-driven understanding of the correlation between weather and customer behavior.
With this knowledge, you can minimize your costs and optimize the allocation of your resources and staff.
Optimize Store Layout
Get insights about traffic patterns in a specific time. Identify hot and cold zones and evaluate the impact of different arrangements to get the most out of each square meter. Track outside traffic to get an overview of how many customers are drawn into your store and if window displays are converting into sales.
Heatmaps and dwell time in retail store

Tracking Path with heat maps

With Vemcount, you will identify visitors' actions: which areas they are most attracted to, what products they search for, and what motivates them to buy.

The data analysis uncovers which product line and zones perform better. With this information on your hand, you can improve the aspects that lead people to buy.

Heatmaps and path for footfall counting & tracking

With Vemcount, you can understand the reasons behind prosperous areas' performance and apply this knowledge to other zones to see the same or even better results.

Let our hourly reports tell you how your store performs at different times during the day by using our heat maps tool.

What information Footfall Tracking offers

Precise Footfall Data &
Occupancy Numbers
Street Traffic Potential
Window Display Capture Rate

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Commercial buildings are evolving into smart spaces powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether it’s an office, university, or shopping mall, the footfall data gathered in real-time helps make the most of every inch within those spaces. For example, you can optimize the office layout, capacity usage during peak hours, and more.


Public washrooms are one of the highest-trafficked areas of any building. As they are relatively smaller spaces, toilets can quickly get crowded and difficult to manage. However, you can optimize washroom maintenance and management with the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), footfall analytics, and related technologies.


Thousands of students pass through high school and college buildings daily. This makes maintaining the structure and staffing them adequately a challenge. Footfall counting and footfall analytics help academic institutions better understand how students use these spaces.

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Over the years, we’ve tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we’ve found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores (…).

Henrik Wieben Country Manager, Denmark
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