HiFi Klubben optimizes it’s business and achieves key insights with Vemcount

HiFi Klubben has delivered uncompromising music and movie experiences since 1980. With more than 90 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as four national online stores, HiFi Klubben provides high quality hi-fi throughout Europe.

Read the case and find out how HiFi Klubben optimizes its business and achieves key insights with Vemcount.

Over the years, we’ve tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we’ve found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores (…).

Henrik Wieben Country Manager, Denmark


HiFi Klubben has tested different counting solutions over the years, but experienced the same challenge each time; unreliable data as a result of unstable and hypersensitive counting units, as well as manually entering counts into the system. Reliable traffic data is crucial for a company like HiFi Klubben that operates with a low visitor rate in its physical stores. Thus, HiFi Klubben raised the following questions:

  1. How do we ensure that our sensors are online and stable in all of our stores?

  2. How do we obtain valid visitor data that are automatically reported into our ERP system?

  3. How do we measure if our employees are converting visitors into customers?


The accuracy that a high-quality 3D sensor delivers was what it took to meet HiFi Klubben’s demand for valid visitor data. By installing sensors at entrances in all chain stores, and integrating them with our unique software solution, Vemcount, HiFi Klubben now has access to a number of actionable key figures on visitor traffic with a minimum of 95% accuracy. The management and each store have access to the key figures on their own individual dashboards or in customized reports. In addition, they receive monthly reports, produced by our analysis department, which compare performance across chain stores and across countries. The traffic data is furthermore automatically reported into the company’s own ERP system, where the combination of traffic data and sales figures enables automatic calculation of conversion rate.