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We are experts in visitor behavior and people counting, offering your business insightful data analytics to help increase efficiency and boost sales. 

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Browse through our specially designed solutions to help you discover how data enables you to optimize your daily business operations. 

Vemcount Analytics software

Vemcount - The People Counting Tool 

Know the exact number of people who enter and exit a place over a given period of time and gain valuable insight to help you optimize your business.  


Vemtenant - The Tenant Revenue Management Tool 

Get a two-way communication system, which is transparent, trustful, and improves the overall relationship between mall owners and their tenants.  


Vemtrack - The Visitor Tracking Tool 

Track your visitors throughout their entire visit to your facility. Gain insight into the overall visitor journey to help you optimize your layout and increase sales. 


Vempark - The Smart Parking Tool 

Manage, optimize, and automate parking experiences with the use of advanced IoT technology and ensure a pleasant parking experience for your visitors.   


Vemiot - The Business Automation Tool 

Optimize and automate your business through enriched data collected by small, wireless IoT sensors implemented all around a space. 


Vemfusion - The System Integration Tool 

Easy integration between our software and other technologies that lets you manage our software across a range of applications, while combining data from multiple sources. 

Data Analytics in Three Easy Steps

Install sensors inside your facility, as well as around entrances and exits to start collecting data.
Collect Data
Push real-time live data into our platform automatically.
Get Started
View, export, and manage the collected data via our customizable dashboard, and gain valuable insight into the true performance of your business.

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