Airport & Station

People counting is your solution to identify the dynamic traffic flows throughout check-in terminals, security checks, duty free and other zones. With Vemcount, you’re able to quantify flows and queue times.

When you understand the usage of any zone on a location, you know how to improve waiting time, optimize traffic flows and increase passenger satisfaction. Our solution provides traffic related data enabling you to evaluate on marketing campaigns and make operational decisions more effectively.

Increase passenger satisfaction and manage queues more effectively by measuring average waiting time spent by passengers at check-ins, security checks and other counters.

How Vemcount benefits Airports & Stations

Find peak times
Measure visitor traffic and explore peak times per year, month, week and hour to deploy staff more effectively and to forecast queue demand
Follow safety recommendations
Monitor performance and generate real-time alerts to ensure that the number of visitors does not exceed the safety recommendations
Traffic patterns
Get a visual view of traffic flows and understand visitor traffic patterns across different time periods from a single to multiple stores
Forfill service needs
Understand and react on real time service needs, such as toilet cleaning
Dwell time
Measure occupancy and get the average dwell time spent in your store and its zones to identify hot and cold areas
Spend per visitor
Measure your stores conversion rate when integrating with POS data and find out what the spend per visitor is
Hot and cold zones
Identify hot and cold zones and rate the popularity of areas based on visitors
Campaign tracking
Discover the gender distribution of passengers and adjust your campaigns and displays accordingly, measure the commercial potential of an area or the impact of store openings/closings
Terminal flow
Get the average dwell time spent in a zone, such as understanding passenger waiting times and queue lengths at check-in terminals and compare with self-check-in
Motivate tenants
Rank stores with each other based on visitor and sales data performance and motivate the stores by sharing the reports
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