Pedestrian Area

People counting provides you with quantitative insights about number of visitors, traffic flows and the usage of pedestrian areas. From a city’s most popular attraction to what happens in case of an emergency, Vemcount enables Municipal authorities to make quick and well-informed decisions.

Understand if your activities and efforts for a pedestrian area have a positive return in terms of marketing investment, and how changes in the streets may change visitor behavior.

Get an understanding of how different events and activities influences the number of visitors in the city by comparing traffic data from different time periods.

How Vemcount benefits Pedestrian Areas

Captive rate
Count the number of passers-by and identify the captive rate to find out how window displays are converting into sales
Weather changes behaviour
Find out how traffic corresponds to changes in weather with the report module
Peak times
Explore peak times of the area per year, month, week and hour
Measure campaigns
Measuring the effect of special events
Traffic patterns
Get a visual view of traffic flows and understand visitor traffic patterns across different time periods from a single to multiple stores
Hot and cold zones
Identify hot and cold zones and rate the popularity of areas based on visitors
Real time
Monitor performance and generate real-time alerts, when a count exceeds a certain level, e.g. queue length and allocate staff accordingly
Improve accuracy
Exclude irrelevant objects from counts, such as shopping carts, clothing racks and similar for more valid data