Vemco Group

Data Analytics in the US & Canada

We are a world-leading data analytics and automation company with a strong presence across the globe. We provide an end-to-end solution for any location with visitor and customer footfall. Through a user-friendly and customizable dashboard customers gain access to valuable data analytics and reports. We aim to help our customers make fact-based decisions to optimize business operations, enhance customer experience, and maximize profits.


Vemcount – Market-Leading People Counting and Analytics Platform in US & Canada

Vemcount is software platform, offered as a SaaS model, which is user friendly and highly customizable, allowing users access to footfall data to build dashboard and reporting to understand data. The software is combined with market leading technology to deliver highly accurate data and utilize AI for deeper insights. We have a dedicated team to fully support and deliver outstanding customer service.


Vemtrack – Customer Tracking Solution for Deeper Insights

We serve numerous retail spaces providing them with insight into traffic flows, dwell time, customer interests, and marketing effectiveness to enhance the customer shopping experience and boost sales.


Vempark – Driving Businesses Through Elevated Visitor Experience

With the use of advanced and innovative IoT technology, Vempark helps you manage, optimize, and automate parking experiences. Our solution helps you find a quick parking slot, gives guided real-time alerts, lets you manage occupancy levels, and much more

Vemtenant – Making Tenant Management Easy & Transparent

We provide an end-to-end tenant management solution to a host of properties and malls in this region. Our solution helps track all tenant interactions by sharing sales statements, real-time performance dashboards, and shop ranking reports.


Vemfusion – Applying Integration to Your Advantage

We deliver a unified solution for the comprehensive management of your POS, ERP, CRM, and BI integrations through Vemfusion. The solution is built to enable improved productivity and quality of operations within organizations.

Vemiot – Smart City, Smart Solution

Vemco Group seeks to build the world’s most advanced Internet of Things ecosystem. We are converting this mission to reality by promoting Vemiot to various businesses across the states and Canada. Our solution helps customers integrate and use sensor data to increase operational efficiency.