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Retail analytics Customer behavior People Counting Heatmaps Data Analytics Queue Management Demographic Analysis
How Retail Analytics Tracks Customer Behavior

A retail analytics solution uses non-invasive and anonymous customer tracking sensors to monitor how many people are coming through your doors, what their age and gender is, where they browse, what products they are interested in, how much time they spend, and much more.

Sensors 3D AI cameras Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (IoT) People Counter Data Analytics Smart Buildings
What's in Store for the Future of Footfall Counting Technology?

The COVID-19 pandemic is also prompting footfall counting service providers to push the boundaries in innovation to offer effective screening solutions for retail stores, shopping malls, airports, and public institutions.

Conversion rate Retail analytics Retailers People Counting
Conversion rate is the most important KPI for retail stores

A retail store’s conversion rate measures the proportion of visitors that purchase in any given store. It is calculated by dividing the number of transactions by the number of visitors, times 100.

Retail analytics People Counting Footfall Analytics Marketing Strategy
How to use Retail Analytics to Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Retail Analytics provides in-depth insights on consumer behavior, patterns, and preferences to help you create compelling customer journeys and successful marketing campaigns.

Staff Management Footfall Analytics People Counting Queue Management
Smart Staff Management Tips To Improve Service Levels

Footfall analytics help consumer-led businesses understand their customers and employees. It also presents them with smart insights into optimizing human resources and staff management.

People Counting Staff Management Footfall Analytics Libraries
How and Why is People Counting used in Public Institutions like Libraries?

Libraries are now entering a period of data collection and assessment – assessment to learn about their communities and evaluate how the library and its services support them and how they can improve overall.

Retail analytics Footfall Analytics People Counting Customer behavior Conversions
Retail Analytics in the Digital Economy: How to Boost Conversions

Footfall counter sensors collect consumer behavior in dynamic ways, and BI analytics software transforms that data into actionable insight that helps business owners make more informed decisions. 

Tenant Revenue Management People Counting Shopping Malls Customer behavior
How does Tenant Revenue Management work for Shopping Malls | Vemco Group

By using data and analytics, managers have the opportunity to increase leasing revenues and optimize customer journeys like never before.

Footfall Analytics People Counting Sensors Healthcare
4 ways Footfall Counting is transforming the healthcare industry

While technology innovations in the healthcare industry typically center around medical equipment and devices, footfall counting and analytics are now finding their place among these technologies as a critical element in preventing fatalities.

People Counting Shopping Mall Covid-19 Customer experience
How real-time People Counting makes Shopping safer in the new Covid-19 reality

Business owners are finding that people counting technology helps them optimize their processes, provide a better customer experience, and cut down on costs while doing it.

Retail analytics Customer data Customer behavior People Counting
What is Retail Analytics? What can I use it for? | Vemco Group

Retail analytics is the technical term for the process of collecting and analyzing business-wide retail data, including information about Customer data, In-store data, and/or Inventory data.

Security Privacy GDPR Data Protection People Counting Sensors
Footfall counting & GDPR: Your privacy counts too

All companies and organizations that deal with data relating to European citizens must comply with the principles set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Airport Queue Management Sensors People Counting Footfall Analytics
How Airports Streamline Traffic Flows with Footfall Counters

Footfall counting analytics has been the perfect solution to understand how people move and their impacts over queue length, dwell time inside stores, peak times, etc.

People Counting Queue Management Transportation Footfall Analytics
People Counting solutions for public transport safety

With real-time people counting and analytics, public transport can be more expertly managed to avoid queues and overcrowding.

Smart Buildings Occupancy Management Vemcount Analytics IoT People Counting
How Smart buildings save money with Occupancy Management

When installing real-time occupancy counting devices in strategic areas, you will know how many people are in an area at any given time.

Queue Management People Counting Sensors Footfall Counting
What is Queue Management?

Queue management is essentially an alert system connected to a footfall counting sensor that quantifies queue demand in real-time and notifies staff when certain predetermined variables such as queue length or time are exceeded.

Vemcount Analytics Footfall Counting Footfall Analytics BI Analytics
Vemcount Footfall Analytics versus BI Analytics | Vemco Group

Footfall analytics is used to drive business optimization and customer experience strategies in a variety of places with high people traffic.

Footfall Counting Footfall Analytics Vemcount Analytics BI Analytics People Counting
What is Footfall Counting? What can you use it for? | Vemco Group

Although the term ‘footfall counting’ seems self-explanatory, it involves advanced technology and data analytics that does far more than simply counting feet.

Black Friday Footfall Analytics People Counting Visitor Traffic Shopping Mall Retailers
Black Friday 2019 - We take stock of the data insights | Vemco Group

Based on a representative sample of our customers’ traffic data, the Danish shopping malls felt an increase of 3% this year compared to Black Friday in 2018.