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Vemcount for Pharmacies

While technology innovations in the healthcare industry typically center around medical equipment and devices, Vemcount footfall counting and analytics are now finding its place among these technologies as a critical element in preventing fatalities. Track in real-time the flow of consumers entering your pharmacy. Offer them the security and quality service they deserve. Vemcount Analytics also allows you to understand your shoppers' habits and optimize your store layout.

Vemcount for Universities & Schools

Many schools and universities have facilities beyond the classrooms, like dormitories, cafeterias, convention halls, sports complexes, libraries. Access the daily traffic numbers to each of these facilities with our Visitor Tracking system and get benefits, as Space & Staff Managements. Vemcount helps Universities and Schools keep track of people flow to ensure that your facility is functioning at optimal efficiency.

Vemcount for Airports

There are many challenges that airports face daily, and high people flow is one of the most critical ones. Vemcount Footfall counting analytics is the perfect solution to understand how people move and their impacts over queue length, dwell time at the security check, peak times, etc. Through Vemcount analyses, airports can optimize operations and tenant revenue, manage staff better, prevent security and safety risks, and enhance the passenger experience.

Vemcount for Banks

Prompt, attentive customer service is critical in today's highly competitive banking industry. With a Customer Tracking System, you can determine precisely how many people are present in a physical space at any time and how long time employees spent on each customer. This information is essential for businesses that thrive on efficiency—like banks.

Vemcount for Libraries

It is a commonplace for public institutions like libraries to use People Counting to accurately determine how much traffic they receive to justify grants and public funding, but this is not the only reason they are turning to this type of data collection. With Footfall Counting System, libraries are better equipped to prevent visitor frustration by managing queues and enhance the customer journey throughout the Library by optimizing walkways, book placement, and staff allocation.

Beyond Covid-19: our Solutions

As people worldwide adjust to the “new normal,” with mask-wearing and social distancing an everyday reality, retail stores and shopping malls have to look at innovative ways to keep their shoppers safe from the continued threat of the Covid-19 virus. Thankfully, advances in real-time footfall counting systems make the pandemic-related transition for commercial enterprises a lot easier and more efficient

Vemcount for Retailers

Retail Analytics is an innovative solution that enables retailers to capture and analyze customer data and store performance data to gain actionable insights that help them make better business decisions.
With an in-depth understanding of who your customers are, what they want, and how they behave in your store, you’re better equipped to meet their demands and create satisfying experiences they will never forget.

Vemcount for Shopping Malls

The performance of any Shopping Mall is highly dependent on visitors. Therefore, measuring the traffic is an essential key performance indicator for shopping mall operators wanting to increase operational effectiveness and improve tenancy strategies.
With Vemcount, you'll get an easy-to-understand and user-friendly report module. See all stores' performance in one report or divide stores into categories, e.g., clothing stores, restaurants, etc.

All About Vemcount

In this brochure, you will have a quick overview of who we are and what solutions we offer. The brochure is divided into industries, making it easy for you to find the solutions that are particularly relevant for your business.

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Nordic Industry Trends – Q2

Welcome to the Nordic Industry Trends Q2 2019 analysis. We have gathered a representative sample of our customers’ footfall data from Q1 in 2019 to shed light upon quarterly Nordic Industry Trends in the commercial as well as in the public sphere.

Nordic Industry Trends – Q1

Welcome to the first edition of Nordic Industry Trends. We have gathered a representative sample of our customers’ footfall data from Q1 in 2019 to shed light upon quarterly Nordic Industry Trends in the commercial as well as in the public sphere.