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Vemcount Analytics helps you understand foot traffic volumes through our People Counting system. Get insights into how people interact with your city – where they're going, what they're doing, and what facilities they're using.

Occupancy side walking in a smart city

Improve the quality of living for residents, workers, and visitors

If you want to serve people effectively, as a city authority, you must know how many people are going, where, and when. The pedestrians' flow affects the whole city environment. It is essential to know the numbers of people and how the numbers change over time.

When you see who's coming in and out of your public spaces and amenities, it is easier to engage people with, for example, targeted communications.

With Vemcount, you can have feedback on changes in people's behavior within the city. It allows the council to effectively manage the flow of people, vehicles, and bicycles around the area. 

Data Collect
The traffic inside and outside stores is measured and compiled with multiple data sources to provide valuable and accurate information on all aspects of the business.
Data Analytics
Vemcount integrates data into external ERP-, BI- and PoS-systems or into dashboards configured in the cloud to provide real-time performance information.
View KPIs
It s possible to work with different data formats. Analysts and managers can quickly and realistically evaluate KPIs, so all decisions are assertive and secure.
Smart city internet of things

The sensors installed in a smart city share information with the public, businesses, city managers, and other intelligent systems.

The municipality connects its sensors and services via the internet of things (IoT). The sensors store their information, and Vemcount Analytics transforms the knowledge available into actionable insights.

What Vemcount can do for your City or Public service:

People Counting
Quantify the use of footpaths and cycleways. Count pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, passengers on public transport.
Let retail units discover vital analytics like sales conversion rate, average queuing time, and most popular store.
Informed Decisions
Estimate the impact of improvement initiatives and use the data to justify future decisions.
People counting in public transport

Public Transportation 

Transport authorities can control the number of people arriving by bus at various points in the city, by the time of day. The data helps revenue security – adjusting tickets bought with passenger numbers.

Monitoring the numbers of people arriving on platforms also provides vital information on routes by time of day.

Social Distancing Management
Support COVID-19 management plans with real-time data and historical reports.
Crowd Density Mapping
Optimize resource allocation by understanding crowd density in zones and precincts.
Predictive Modeling
Forecast traffic and crowd density to inform both resource planning and operational delivery.
Performance Measurement & Impact Analysis
Understand the impact of events on traffic flow, visitation, and your city's economy.
Smart city public area data analytics with foot traffic

Counting Pedestrians

In the high streets and city centers, sensors count people and register their footfall flow. It presents both real-time and historical data for big data analytics.

If an entrepreneur is looking to open a new shop or restaurant, you can show him/her accurate figures over the proposed location to help him/her assess the potential for their new venture.


Vemcount has the best features for you:

Analyze and compare footfall across precincts, districts, and within periods.
Visitor & Vehicle Flow
Analyze the flow of visitors, vehicles, and bicycles throughout your city.
Dwell & Wait Times
Monitor wait times at transportation platforms, public facilities, and entrances to buildings.
Automated Alerts
Automatically warn staff and visitors about safety incidents, delays, and wait times.
Vehicle Counting
Analyze vehicle counts and utilization of curb spaces and car parking.
Fulfill Demands
React to real-time service needs, such as toilet cleaning and extra staff for specifics periods.
Visitors Profile
Exclude or get separate counts for children and adults, and discover the gender distribution.
Measure the impact of weather on visitation, people, and vehicle flow.
Zone Conversion
Measure conversions areas to retailers, attractions, and displays.

It is no secret that we are all feeling the economic impact of the world situation in our everyday lives. With the increasing prices on everything from food to gas and electricity, the willingness to buy among consumers has witnessed a global decrease.


“As the new Country Manager, I will help Vemco grow in Sweden, hopefully gaining more customers, partners, and employees in the area,” he says and continues: “The Swedish market is huge and very exciting. There is a definite need for the products Vemco Group offers”.

Per-Olof Vemco Group

Many years in the business have given Per-Olof Andersson a strong foothold at Vemco Group, stepping in as the new Business Development Manager. With his newfound position, residing and operating in Gothenburg, Sweden, Per-Olof will handle the shopping mall industry in the Nordics and Baltics.

We wanted a central solution that could cover all of our department stores in Denmark. We wanted the same system and a hosted solution but managed from one place. It was also a requirement from the beginning that the solution was able to count very accurately. And it has worked perfectly.

Lasse L. Mohrsen - Loss Prevention Manager
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