Sales Analytics

Boost your sales with Vemcount Analytics by getting insights into conversion rate, capture rate, sales per visitor, sales per square meter, average basket size, service ratio, and many more KPIs.

Footfall analytics

All your KPIs in one place

Vemcount helps you track your business's metrics and measurables to effectively gauge your retail stores' performance — from people counting and sales conversions to stock levels and spend management – all organized in just one place!


Integrate your sales data with Vemcount

Vemcount integrates to any PoS/BI/ERP system.

There are 3 different integration methods:

▶︎ manual upload on an hourly/daily/weekly, or monthly basis;

▶︎ semi-manual, where CSV/excel files are pushed automatically to our FTPS/SFTP;

▶︎ or fully automatic by integrating with any API.  

Vemcount Analytics offers actionable insights into many KPIs

Conversion rate
Calculate store's conversion rate by integrating Vemcount with POS data.
Staff exclusion
Identify and exclude staff and irrelevant objects from counts, e.g., shopping carts for more accurate data.
Capture rate
Count the passersby and identify the capture rate and see how window displays are converting into sales.
Gender analysis
Discover the gender distribution of passengers and adjust your campaigns and displays accordingly.
Heat & Cold maps
Get an overview of visitors’ walking paths. Identify hot and cold zones and rate the popularity of areas with our heat maps & metrics.
Customer journey
Understand your visitors’ movement patterns to optimize product placements, store layout, and marketing activities.
Fitting room conversion
As a retailer, you must track how many customers make a purchase after visiting the fitting room.
Customer dwell time 
Measures the dwell time in the store, around displays, on average, for each customer.
Online vs. Brick and Mortar sales
Compare physical and digital stores conversions rates.
Weather & its impact 
Compare historical weather data with traffic and sales data to understand the correlation between weather and customer behavior.
Inventory turnover
Vemcount tracks Inventory turnover so you can be aware of the number of times your inventory is sold or consumed in a given period.
Average transaction value
Have a general idea of how much people are spending, by dividing the total value of all transactions by the number of transactions or sales.
Gross margins ROI
Shows how much profit inventory sales produce after covering inventory costs.
Revenue per employee
Important metric when you’re planning your staff’s schedules and initiatives.
Sales per square foot/meter
It shows your store's average revenue for every foot/meter of sales space.
Spend-per costumer
Understand how much every visitor spend inside your store/mall when integrating sales data.
Predictive footfall data
Vemcount AI interprets previous data and elaborate costumer behavior projections.
Year over year growth
Know how your business is doing, by tracking year over year revenue growth and react accordingly.
Network security of hosted plans

Dynamic metrics & KPI visualization

Create your own metrics or KPIs from any data source or different technologies to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights and drive business results. 

Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using accurate KPI from Vemcount Analytics.

Customer experience

Why is conversion rate so important for physical retail stores?

Conversion rate is crucial to retail store success as it is a direct reflection of how well your marketing and operational strategies are working to drive sales. If you have a high footfall count and a low conversion rate, you know something is wrong.

Suppose you’re running a particular marketing campaign for a new product that is drawing in the crowds but not converting them into sales. In that case, you can take steps to enhance customer engagement about the product, display the product in a more visible area in the store, or lower the price to attract more sales.

The point is that you would not have known there was a problem in the first place without accurate conversion rate data.

Learn more about Sales Analytics & Vemcount

Vemcount people counting software solution

With the latest in 3D AI counting technology and a fully customizable and user-friendly BI analytics platform that turns insight into action, Vemcount proves to be a fierce competitor in the UAE footfall counting and analytics market.

Shopping mall benefits people counting

Shopping malls are now capitalizing on smart technologies to boost conversion rates and revenues and enhance customer journeys for more compelling and satisfying shopping experiences. Footfall counting and retail analytics is their secret weapon to remain competitive in the digital economy.

Queues at the supermarket

When a customer walks into a store to make a purchase, the last thing they want to see is a long queue. Queue Management solutions help business owners leverage technology and data to streamline customer service and enhance the customer experience.

Our data shows that the most critical time in relation to distance is the moment where customers pick up groceries from the basket and put them on the conveyer belt.

Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard - Professor
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