Tenant Revenue Management

Typically, Tenant Revenue Management involves using analytics and available data to make strategic pricing decisions and maximize revenue. Vemcount interprets the data, such as Footfall Counting, Live Occupancy & Traffic Flow, to help you make more informed decisions.

Use a wide range of metrics, including footfall and sales data, to obtain more in-depth insight into performance

Use a wide range of metrics, including footfall and sales data, to obtain more in-depth insight into performance

As a landlord, it is crucial to understand customer behavior and keep track of their information, such as traffic flow and occupancies rate & zone, to ensure that you do not lose the percentage over sales turnover.

With Vemcount, tenants can easily report sales figures online from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Our unique Tenant Revenue Management solution will give you efficiency to focus on the right decision and save many unnecessary days of your valuable time collecting turnover and calculating KPI's reports.

We give you and your tenants an all-in-one cloud solution where efficiency and retail analytic matters. Two-way management and analytical solution where sales, footfall, real-time performance dashboard, shop & ranking reports help you and your tenants improve & increase sales.

Ranking Stores
Compare store performances, and rank them based on visitor and sales data. Share your reports and motivate stores to improve.
Traffic Flow
Get a visual overview of traffic flows and understand visitor path patterns across different periods from a single to multiple tenants.
Staff Management
Measure visitor traffic to explore peak times per hour, day, week, month, or year to optimize staffing, maintenance and security.
Occupancy Management
Measure occupancy and get the average dwell time spent in property, its floors and entrances to identify hot & cold areas.
Shopping mall traffic flow

Vemcount solution allows you to carry out essential tasks more efficiently and effectively

Tenant Revenue Management is becoming more important in the rental industry and gaining much popularity. Diverse industries like Shopping centers, Airports & Airline companies, Hotels, and space rental industries have adopted Tenant Revenue Management.

Determining the best mix of stores, understanding and planning store adjacencies that drive higher consumer spending and longer mall visits, and engaging in more-informed rent negotiations with tenants is a priority nowadays.

By using data and analytics, managers have the opportunity to increase leasing revenues and optimize customer journeys like never before.

Our Tenant Revenue Management solution uses data analytics, which helps predict customers' behavior. With our Vemcount solution, you will make more informed decisions, backed up by evidence and data, to optimize practices.

Key Features

Direct tenant turnover import in less than 30 seconds
Automatic email notification if turnover not reported
Private cloud-based centralized local installation
Full sales, ranking, and footfall analytic on store/tenant level
Real-time occupancy, zones, dwell & heat-maps
Integrating your existing footfall solution
Turnover, branch & mall statistic reports
Automatic integration with PoS suppliers
Automatic integration with a leasing management system

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Shopping malls are now capitalizing on smart technologies to boost conversion rates and revenues and enhance customer journeys for more compelling and satisfying shopping experiences. Footfall counting and retail analytics is their secret weapon to remain competitive in the digital economy.

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