Our Tenant Management solution offers two-way communication, which is transparent, trustful and improves the relationship between tenants and mall owners. With Vemtenant, you can carry out essential tasks and get insights from reports to help generate the most important KPIs. 


Tenant Management Improves Transparency & Credibility

As a Mall owner, it is crucial to managing tenant turnovers to ensure that you receive the appropriate percentage over sale receivables.

We have improved this solution for the last ten years, working closely with Scandinavia's most prominent mall chains to meet their needs. Back then, credibility and transparency between mall owners and tenants were the most challenging issue, which is now solved.

With our Tenant Management solution, your tenants can easily report turnovers online from any computer, smartphone, tablet, or directly integrate the cashier into our Vemtenant system.


More Business Insights & KPIs with Tenant Management

We offer an effective two-way communication solution where sharing sales statements, real-time performance dashboards, and shop & ranking reports help you and your tenants interact better.

Create your own reports and start analyzing turnovers by looking at how tenants perform compared to their categories and the total mall turnover.

Set different KPIs like turnover per customer, per category, etc. The more data you integrate into Vemtenant, the more efficiently it will work, producing more reports and insights into your business.

Taking the Most from Vemtenant

Ranking Stores
Set up a complete ranking of stores based on sales turnovers. Compare store performances, and rank them into predefined categories. Share reports and motivate stores to improve.
Choose different widgets to create single or multiple dashboards and compare them with historical data. Get a complete overview of all the data, metrics, KPIs, predictions and events.
Mall Reports & Analysis
Create your reports and start analyzing turnover-, branch- and mall statistics to gain insights into your tenant's stores. Get a status on the revenue reports and get an overview on missed revenue reports.
Set Deadlines
Get the reports instantly on how many tenants missed turnover importation. Set deadlines for your tenants’ turnover exportation and set up penalties if the deadlines are exceeded to secure your importations arrive on time.
Category Segmentation
Create categories based on different stores like food courts, men's clothing, accessories, etc. You can compare and analyze store performances based on their categories or make competitions between stores to motivate sales.
Better Decisions
Vemtenant helps you determine the best mix of stores to understand and plan store adjacencies, which drives higher consumer spendings and extended mall visits. Engage in more informed rent negotiations based on reports and insights.

Tenant Revenue Import & Management

Our unique Tenant Management Solution gives you the efficiency to focus on the right decision and save many unnecessary days of your valuable time collecting turnover and calculating KPI's reports.

And that's why your tenants now easily can manage or import their revenue manually within seconds or automatically send it by integrating their cashier directly into our Vemtenant system.

Vemtentant Collects Turnovers
in Three Different Ways: 

▶︎ Manually imported on a store level within seconds by store managers.

▶︎ Semi-manually uploading files through FTP to our database.

▶︎ Automatically importation where integration is done with API and the cashier supplier.

Turnovers are easily imported on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Combine Vemtenant with Vemcount

Transparency is vital for success. More and more Mall owners are using footfall technology on the front of the stores, allowing tenants to get more valuable data about storefront passersby and optimize their sales by tracking window conversions.

Tenants can analyze imported data or integrate their footfall data to optimize and understand their visitors to take action upon this information.

When you know how your visitors interact with your shopping center, you can make informed decisions, from changes in the mall layout to marketing campaigns. Vemcount process data from counter sensors to provide you precise analyzes about their specific path, dwell zones, and preferred stores.

Vemtenant & Vemcount:
Get Many More Features

Direct tenant turnover import in less than 30 seconds
Automatic email notifications for exceeded turnovers
Private or hosted cloud-solution
Sales, ranking, and footfall analytics for stores and tenants
Real-time occupancy, zones, dwell & heat-maps
Integrate your existing footfall solution
Turnover, branch & mall statistic reports
Integrate Automatically with POS suppliers
Integrate automatic with your leasing management system

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Commercial buildings are evolving into smart spaces powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). This approach helps corporations and government agencies optimize processes and increase efficiency through data-driven decisions. Whether it is an office, university, or shopping mall, the footfall data gathered in real-time helps people make the most of their business.


Thousands of students pass through high school and college buildings daily. This makes maintaining the structure and staffing them adequately a challenge. Footfall counting and footfall analytics help academic institutions better understand how students use these spaces.

IoT loranetwork

As IoT solutions are highly versatile, a wide range of industries now use them to enhance efficiencies and optimize operations. For example, footfall trackers improve operations at retail stores, malls, hospitals and help boost sales and visitor experiences. 

Discover our success stories

Over the years, we’ve tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we’ve found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores (…).

Henrik Wieben Country Manager, Denmark
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