People counters, or high-precision sensors, are designed to count the number of people in any given location with maximum efficiency. Vemcount is the intelligent platform that makes people counting happen by processing the foot traffic data from the sensors to generate reports over metrics that matter.


Get the Most from People Counters & People Counting

People counter devices are electronic sensors that use advanced machine learning algorithms to track every time a person enters or exits your space in real-time. They collect the foot traffic data any business needs to comprehend their visitors' behavior, areas' performance, facilities usage, and staff allocation.

Between the data collection and the information understanding lies the intelligent system called People Counting. Vemcount is the brain running the footfall analytics operation, responsible for the knowledge happening.


Vemcount Is the Best Solution for Foot Traffic Data Analytics

Vemcount processes the People Counting data. When people counter sensors track the number of humans in an area and send the foot traffic data to Vemcount, the system analyzes behavioral and movement patterns in context, generating insightful reports.

Vemcount's metrics offer a data-driven understanding of your business so you can make strategic and informed decisions. It is the perfect tool to learn how to reach your business goals and improve your operations.

With Vemcount you can

Get precise people counting data
Access the number of visitors going in and out of your facility. Identify peak times during a day, dwell time in specific zones, and the waiting time spent in queues.
Identify your customers' profile
Analyze demographic composition, height filtration to differentiate children and adults, and more. Profile your customers to target them better.
Know the impact of weather variations
Compare historical weather data with traffic and sales data. With an accurate and data-driven understanding of the correlation between weather and customer behavior, you can minimize your costs and optimize the allocation of your resources and staff.
Have a complete solution for Covid-19
Control the number of customers in an area to avoid the spread of Covid-19. We help you monitor live occupancy and generate real-time alerts to ensure that visitors do not exceed the safety precautions.

Count People to Get Control of Your Business

Vemcount helps you find out who the people interacting with your venues are. You can control the occupancy level in real-time and identify dwell time in specific zones. Vemcount also shows you the waiting time spent in queues.

You can compare the number of people entering with the percentage of passersby, for example.

To guarantee a fully functional and precise people counting system, we always estimate which people counter sensor is the most effective for our customers' needs.


Essential Insights into Foot Traffic

Our developers created Vemcount to collect and use foot traffic data to give our clients better insights into cost savings, higher staff efficiency, conversion rate enhancement, and increased profitability.

Vemcount's metrics offer a data-driven understanding not only of your visitors' profile but also areas' performance.

Vemcount goes deep into footfall analytics to provide you a data-based foundation of decision-making within sales, marketing, and staff management.

Vemcount Offers the Best Features

Dashboard & Reports
Vemcount offers a customizable dashboard and runs reports with insights into foot traffic throughout the day. The data can be exported in Excel and PDF.
Occupancy Management
Find out how many customers are at your place in real-time. Control the occupancy level and receive alerts if you reach the limit of your guests.
Age & Gender
Gender & Age recognition allow you to profile your customers efficiently and target your marketing campaigns with success.
Zones & Heatmaps
Understand how people move through your facility. Identify hot and cold zones and recognize the most popular areas.
Adult & Kids
With height filtration, we can eliminate or separate children/adults in the counts.
Employee Exclusion
Exclude staff from visitor counts. Plan shifts according to fluctuations in traffic and reduce stress from unstable schedules.
Queue & Dwell
Track the average queue waiting time and receive alerts in real-time. Discover the areas where customers dwell the most.
Real-time Alerts
Set real-time warnings when a count exceeds a certain level (e.g., queue length) and allocate staff accordingly.

Learn more about Vemcount & People Counting

Safe holiday shopping

Another holiday season in a pandemic is approaching. With new variants arriving, shoppers, retailers, and mall owners must consider ways to stay safe during holiday shopping. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Vemcount software has been developed to help businesses uphold the safety measurements set by the authorities. This year is no different.


When you think about loss prevention solutions, you probably don’t think about people counters. You probably think about scanners at the door, and of course, security guards. However, footfall counters also have a role to play in security.

Heatmaps and dwell time in retail store

Heatmaps are a graphical representation that helps retailers understand how customers use their brick-and-mortar stores. The data generated at these physical stores help retailers better understand how customers browsed, shopped, lingered, and for how long.

Discover our success stories

We use Vemcount to measure the traffic at our entrances, so we get an idea of where the customers come from and when the number of visitors peaks during a day, week, month or year. This gives us, among other things, a tool for planning our marketing and activity calendar and subsequently evaluating on these activities

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